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Shut Uuuuuup! I’m going mad for Minnie’s Boutique

23 Oct

The weight loss has meant that I cannot wait to go shopping and buy a ton of new stuff! This week I splashed out on a new trench coat, a faux fur gillet and some riding boots that I love a little bit too much. I’ve been writing some stuff for my university magazine on the topic of changing body shape and who I’m going to be looking up to for style inspiration. And as much as I want to say I’m going to channel the Kate Moss look with fedoras and skinny jeans, there’s a girl inside me shouting to realise my inner Essex.

You heard! I want sparkly dresses, high heels and false tan. I want Paul’s Botique, Minnie’s Boutique and, er, Whoeverelse’s Boutique. I want to wear Lydia’s vintage style for day and then work a one-shoulder jade coloured dress for a night out at Nottingham’s equivilant of Sugar Hut. With Essex Fashion Week coming up, who knows which pieces I’m going to be eyeing up to add to my wardrobe in a few months time. In the mean time, here are my top five picks from Billie and Sam’s Minnie’s Boutique.

Pleated dress, £32.99

Deery Me playsuit, £54

Arabel dress, £300

My Spot blouse, £36

Viva Glam ring, £81


Weight loss to Kate Moss

2 Oct

The last month has been pretty exciting for me. After years of dieting, failing and then putting on even more weight, I’ve finally took the sensible option and I’m doing the ever-so-simple method of eating less and moving more. My boyfriend and I have booked a dream holiday for next year so I want to be able to wear a bikini and look hot on the beach, not cover up in a kaftan!

The easiest part has been changing the food habits. Gone are the chocolate bars, in are bowls of raspberries and strawberries. Gone are Friday night Dominos pizzas, in is roast sweet potato with couscous. The workout part is coming along slowly and steadily, I’m less likely to hit the gym and more likely to take really brisk walks by the canal near our house.

But I really fancy trying yoga and zumba and competing with my boyfriend at the gym over who can go fastest on the treadmill.

Thing is, what do you wear to the gym? What are your most stylish workout must-haves? And are plain black tracksuit bottoms acceptable? Let me know what you wear to stay fashionable when working out.



. by hollieanne featuring an adidas hoodie