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Update: Keeping Calm and Staying Cosy

4 Dec

I hope that, by now, you’re all snuggled on the sofa in your favourite pjs and slipper socks and ready to watch the X Factor in all its full on craziness. December brings a lot of positive thoughts for me, although that’s not always been the case. Surprisingly, for many years, I was always of the “Bah! Humbug!” clan but recently times have changed and I am decking my halls and tucking into mince pies like there’s no tomorrow.

I love the positivity of Christmas. The sparkling wrapping paper, the first flurries of snow and the whimsical delight in getting a Starbucks Christmas drink. For me, nothing says Christmas like a good old fashioned turkey sarnie and an afternoon of card writing in front of me.

This year has been an odd one for me. “Year of the Brain Transplant”, I’ve been calling it. You see, long gone is the disorganised chick who leaves her lecture notes at home and forgets to always have change for the bus. Nope, I am now a fully fledged member of the Grown-Up Girls Society (if such a thing exists!)

This Christmas I am celebrating the difference between myself last year and myself now. This time last year I started to notice my body not working right- I was so tired it was unreal, I’d constantly be hot, have trouble sleeping and would experience worrying hair loss. For the sake of my barnet, if nothing else, I finally took myself to the doctors in January. After almost twelve months, I can safely say I am done with blood tests and operations. Thanks to a few doctors who actually believed me and the warmth of friends and family, I am confident that I won’t let menopause get me done. And yes, you read that right. At age 22 and a half, I’m going through something women twice my age go through. Whilst I’ve dealt with the issues surrounding fertility, it’s often the smaller things that get me down. I find myself crying when Little Mix sing a ballad or when we have no hot chocolate left. I feel sad every single time I see more hair falling out and I am so sick of waxing my legs that, quite frankly, I’d happily look like a gorilla for the rest of my life.

Quite a few people have told me to write about it but I’ve always been concerned it would hurt me to much to speak out. Whilst I don’t intend on turning Florals and Cupcakes into a blog for me to moan about hot flushes and the lack of Dairy Milk in the fridge, I do intend on upping the pace into the new year.

2012 holds some remarkable things for me. First off, I’ll be celebrating five years with my other half of the 6th of Jan. I think a good Italian meal and breakfast in bed is in store! The 7th of January will see me wave goodbye to my love as I head off to London for two whole weeks to intern at More! magazine. And then there’s the holiday in September, not to mention a planned spa day in March and the inevitable fun of summer.

I feel like I’ve left Florals and Cupcakes to the side a little, lately. And for that, I feel bad. But I’m still here and still want to bring you some beautiful finds from the high street and online. I’m always available on Twitter (@hollieanneb) and there’s the Floral Wishes Tumblr too (www.floralwishes.tumblr.com)

And as there’s still a few weeks until Christmas, I’m going to be compiling some gift guides to get you through (including a super-luxe gift guide for all those dreamers, like myself, who love a bit of excess!)


Goodbye 2010!

31 Dec

As the last few hours of 2010 draw upon us, I want to thank you all so much for the brilliant year Florals and Cupcakes has had! I’m so thankful for all the comments, e-mails and tweets and it’s been brilliant to know you guys like the little finds I post up.

2010 has been the best year ever for me. Having battled with Borderline Personality Disorder since I was 13, 2010 really was the year everything finally pulled together and the right medication and right people around me have given me the strength to get to a point where I don’t feel like “the ill girl”. Rather, more than ever, I feel like Hollie and I bloody love it. With my disorder (which I rarely talk about), there’s always a lack of sense of identity and I’ve always gone between extremes of wanting to be the London-living extreme party girl to the quiet girl who never left her mother’s home. However, that changed this year and I’m more level than I have been in my life. It’s taken me years to come to terms with the illness because, in all honesty, I was just a child when the illness struck. So, once more, a huge thanks to everyone for all the positive comments throughout the past year- whatever mood I was in, your lovely feedback always lifted me. You can find out more about Borderline Personality Disorder on BPDWORLD.

Image from weheartit.com

The highlights of 2010 have been amazing but I thought I’d list some of my favourites (in no major order):

  • The Eternity: My boyfriend presenting me with a huge diamond ring in September was the best thing to happen to me this year, if not in my whole life. We sat with tea and cake in bed on a normal Saturday morning and then he handed me a little navy box and gave me a promise of forever.
  • Passing first year of University: I was quite ill in 2009 so to have passed my first year of my course was amazing. I remember nearly being sick as I opened the sticky brown envelope.
  • My 21st birthday: I went to Seaworld, ran along Tynemouth beach, giggled, ate fish and chips, drank too much champagne and got covered in glitter. Perfection!

Image from weheartit.com

I also thought I’d share some things I’m looking forward to in 2011:

  • Moving in with my love: Don’t get my wrong, I’ve lived with males before (parents, brothers, friends) but I’ve never lived with the man I love for more than about a month. It’s scary. I’m messy, he’s tidy. I like twee prints, he’s found of minimalism. I’m moving into a house he’s already owned for a long while which is quite nice because it’s homely already. I can’t wait to decorate and start our lives together properly.
  • R’s 40th birthday: My other half turns 40 this year which certainly calls for some fabulous party and an amazing birthday cake for me to bake!
  • Aplying for my MA: I’m currently interning somewhere I adore and I’m hoping to continue working there post-graduation but I’m also going to be applying for a part-time MA. I’m looking to get into Birmingham City University- do any readers go there or have any tips on applying for a Masters Degree?

Tell me your plans/resolutions and best bits about 2010 and I really look forward to lots of blogging in 2011. Happy New Year, Everyone!

Image from weheartit.com