Risking My Reputation

19 Oct


Drooling over fit bodies, singing along to the harmonies and voting for my favourite act about 63 times has become a Saturday night ritual in my home. The X Factor live shows are back and the last two weeks have seen me turn into a full on, no holds barred, loud and proud Riskette.

It’s been years since I’ve blushed over the sight of a toned torso from my favourite boyband member. Indeed, it feels like a lifetime ago when I was screaming for Ben from A1 at the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party (remember that?!)

But income the likes of The Wanted, The Risk and- dare I say- One Direction. Whether it’s Harry Styles and his just-legal floppy hair or praying that Max from The Wanted will dump the stunning Michelle Keegan for me, I am hopelessly in love with the boyband.

So when my dream man, Derry from The Risk, steps onto the stage on a Saturday night to serenade me with his beautiful tones, I am helpless.

I’ve taken it a step further though. I’ve joined Tumblr pages dedicated to my favourite X Factor band, I’m making Twitter friends with fourteen year old 1D fans over our shared love of Zayn being single again and I may or may not be swooning over a photo I have of The Risk glued in my diary.

I’m 22, for goodness sake, what’s happened to me? Someone, anyone, please tell me I’m not the only one?!


Flirting with the 40s

6 Oct

I’m suddenly captivated by 1940s style- the fur stoles, the polkadots and the shocking red lips are all very on trend and very authentically 1940s. My style has become so much more ladylike, especially since I’ve lost nearly 2 stone and a lot of inches (hello, waist) And whilst I think going vintage shopping is wonderful, I’m turning to the High Street to get my perfect 40s look with a little modern update. What era are you loving at the moment?

Boutique by Jager, reduced from £130 to £65, House of Fraser

Plum faux fur stole, £160, Liberty

Sabira shoe, £150, L.K Bennett

Hair rollers, £3.79, Superdrug

Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream, £22.85, HQ Hair

Rouge Dior Lipstick in Favori Red, £22.50, Selfridges

Easy Dressing: Blazer and Jeans

5 Oct

We all have our favourite pair of jeans or favourite handbag that we wear day-in-day-out. I’ve got a classic blazer, some cute flats which go with most outfits and my beloved Mulberry Alexa. Staple classic items can be worn in so many different ways and turning to that jacket and those jeans is often the easiest thing when you’re getting ready in a hurry. Add printed flats, a detailed cami and some gorgeous earrings for daytime chic.


Blazer- Topshop

Camisole- Topshop

Jeans- 7 For All Mankind

Flats- Fendi

Handbag- Mulberry

Earrings- Temporary Secretary

Lust Have: Topshop lipgloss stick in glisten

4 Oct

Lipstick is one of my favourite things in the world. I have thousands, everything from Chanel reds to on-trend oranges from the likes of Barry M and Collection 2000. So when I stumbled onto the Topshop website and came across their gorgeous lipgloss stick in glisten, I knew it had to be mine. The moisturing lipgloss– a perfect reddish pink- will look gorgeous worn alone over a bit of lipbalm. And is it just me who adores luxe gold packaging? Swooooon!

Topshop lipgloss stick in glisten, £8.

Weight loss to Kate Moss

2 Oct

The last month has been pretty exciting for me. After years of dieting, failing and then putting on even more weight, I’ve finally took the sensible option and I’m doing the ever-so-simple method of eating less and moving more. My boyfriend and I have booked a dream holiday for next year so I want to be able to wear a bikini and look hot on the beach, not cover up in a kaftan!

The easiest part has been changing the food habits. Gone are the chocolate bars, in are bowls of raspberries and strawberries. Gone are Friday night Dominos pizzas, in is roast sweet potato with couscous. The workout part is coming along slowly and steadily, I’m less likely to hit the gym and more likely to take really brisk walks by the canal near our house.

But I really fancy trying yoga and zumba and competing with my boyfriend at the gym over who can go fastest on the treadmill.

Thing is, what do you wear to the gym? What are your most stylish workout must-haves? And are plain black tracksuit bottoms acceptable? Let me know what you wear to stay fashionable when working out.



. by hollieanne featuring an adidas hoodie

Say bonjour with Christian Lacroix

30 Sep

Whether you’ve just moved away to university and are missing your friends already or just want to say thank you to a loved one, these Christian Lacroix postcards are the perfect way to say bonjour! The boxed notecards contain six different designs and would make a wonderful gift or, indeed, framed and hung up on a bedroom wall.

Now, where did I put those blasted stamps…

Christian Lacroix postcards, £13.95 for 12.

Back to school…

29 Sep

I’ve been away from Florals and Cupcakes for far, far, far too long. This summer has been delightful and I’ve revelled in it a little too much. I’ve been blogging for More magazine , writing all about food at Twelve52 and working a few days in a call centre raising money for lots of good causes (including the Hollie’s Lipstick Fund Foundation)

Of course, this summer I moved in with my boyfriend and I’m actually really loving it. It comes as a slight surprise but we weren’t really getting on at the start but everything is fab now and I’ve even become the tiniest bit more tidy!

I’m re-sitting 2 out of 3 modules of my second year when I go back to university next week so it means lots of new friends and a second chance to really pull out all the stops. I found out in March this year that I was suffering from early menopause and it just has the most horrific effect on my mind and well being for a while. I’m feeling wonderful now so it’s time to head back with a smile on my face and a brand new wardrobe. And this is what this post is really about! I’ve been loving some of the autumnal colours floating about the high street lately and despite the beaming sun at the moment, I’m well and truly ready for layering up and adding a chunky knit over my maxi dresses.

Have a peek at my wish-list and tell me what you’re loving about A/W style!



By Larin shoes at My-Wardrobe

5 Aug

When browsing My-Wardrobe (and fantasising about owning, well, everything on the site), a certain new brand kept catching my eye until the point where I was literally head over hells in love. My-Wardrobe are the exclusive UK online home of By Larin, a brand which allows you to choose the colour and detail of your choice for your dream show. My-Wardrobe are stocking some of their beautiful creations and they certainly wouldn’t go a miss in my wardrobe if anyone is offering?

By Larin colour block shoe, £222, My-Wardrobe.com

Cheap Treat: H&M bracelets

5 Aug

Tap into this season’s hottest accessory trend (the friendship band) with a little bit of a luxe spin. Leather cuffs are a chic alternative to stringy bracelets if you don’t want people thinking you’re twelve years old again but H&M have produced something slightly in the middle. These leather imitation bracelets can be worn on their own or piled together for the perfect finish to any outfit. Priced at a mere £3.99 for three, these bracelets come in three colour-ways but I’m really into the nude tones of the ones featured below. There’s something rather Smythson about them, don’t you think? Wear with deep reds and bright mustards for a head start in the Autumn/Winter fashion race. Bargain!



4 Aug

There’s not much to say about this dog print sweater, is there? It’s a sweater. It has a dog on it. It has a dog wearing sunglasses and a bow on it. It costs £28 from River Island and is available in sizes 6-18. I like it. Go buy it. That is all.