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6 Feb

Since coming back from London, the low moods really hit me. I have to admit I miss the rush of London, the busy office and the thrill of partying a few nights a week. But lovely Nottinghamshire is just that… lovely. The boyfriend and I have been getting back into our routine and I’ve been kept busy copywriting for a client.

Since coming back, conversations have been turned to Paris and our beautiful trip on May 2nd to May 4th. My boyfriend and I are jumping on the Eurostar to Paris in several weeks for a few nights of champagne drinking, brie eating and general tourist photo taking.

I’ve been researching some brands to splurge my birthday Euros on. I want tank tops from Sandro, a bag from Vanessa Bruno and Breton stripes from APC. Of course, we’ll be taking a trip to Sephora where I can go wild and stock up on red lipstick, mineral foundations and floral creams. I cannot wait!

What are your tips for shopping in Paris? Any brands I should be aware of? Do you have a favourite French beauty product? I’m dying to know!

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Easter Monday out in Matlock Bath

26 Apr

“Travel” is something I’ve never done before on the blog (I say “travel” as we only went an hour up the road) but I just had to share our day out in Matlock Bath with you because I cannot recommend it enough!

Matlock Bath.

The best way to describe Matlock Bath is like a super fun seaside resort only without the sand and sea (damn, living in the Midlands!). Arcades, fish and chips, sweeties and pretty shops… it has it all and is perfect for a really fun day out whatever age you are.

My other half and I started the day being very lazy and not getting out of bed until rather late so I thought our last day of the long weekend would just be spent baking or crafting but eventually we made a spontaneous decision and packed ourselves into the car complete with packets of crisps and bottles of Vitamin Water for breakfast!

Driving through the Derbyshire countryside is stunning. I really am so thankful that I live in a place surrounded by such gorgeous landscapes and cute baby animals skipping in the fields! The sun was shining and I had my cheapo floral fake Raybans on from Primark and I snapped away out the window at all the beautiful cottages and farms.

A pretty Derbyshire cottage- I want to live here one day!

After being stuck in a traffic jam and batting of bees and wasps trying to fly into the car, we had planned on visiting the Heights of Abraham which is a fabulous cable car ride and apparently takes you to the top of the beautiful cliffs and hills. In the end though, much to my now regret, I was too scared!

Exploring Matlock Bath is gorgeous, it’s hard to know where to start! R and I started at one of the many arcade halls and giggled our pennies away on the 2p slot machines. It was fab to feel like kids again but, sadly, we couldn’t find those arcade games where you back the horses and watch them race- anyone know if they still exist?

We munched on fish and chips and then explored the old-fashioned sweetie shops and gift stores.

Candyfloss, anyone?

So cute!

Sweeties galore!

We were so enchanted by the independent shops which are sorely missed on today’s modern high street. R and I stacked up on popping candy, Wham! bars and rose lemonade… perfect!

Our sugary stash.

The day was rounded up with a stunning cream tea from The Victorian Teashop. Luckily, we arrived around a minute before last orders. I opted for a classic cream tea of a scone, jam and tea served in a cute china cup.

Hmm, what to pick from the menu?


More tea?

R opted for a black coffee and a super buttery Eccles cake but I fear he might have been too busy people watching to enjoy it fully…

Day dreaming...

We rounded off the day with more arcade playing- I’d never seen R so competitive! All in all it was one of the best days out we’ve had in the four and a half years we’ve known one another so I can certainly recommend it. After munching a homemade roast dinner in the evening, we retired to bed with such happy smiles and memories of the day. I just hope that we’ll be like this couple in many years to come…