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Christmas round-up

26 Dec

Happy Boxing Day! I hope you’re all suitably stuffed with Baileys and chocs and not regretting a thing.

Christmas this year was a simple affair. A mock Christmas was held on the 18th December at the home I share with my boyfriend. The broken oven didn’t get us down and we celebrated with a whole host of delicious delights; fig and walnut cheese, French loaf and Indian chicken pakoras were the savory treat whilst mini Swiss chocolates and millionaire shortbread provided a welcome sugar rush. Robin and I exchanged presents with Yankee candles providing a Christmassy anticipation.

Sat on the super thick rug in pjs and cuddled up under a floral patchwork quilt, we exchanged carefully selected gifts wrapped in metallic papers and finished off with soppy gift cards. Robin unwrapped books about everything from productivity to tailoring and I was presented with treats from Liberty:

Robin, ever the thoughtful one, also bought me Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange; I’m in love! The book also came with a promise… of a trip to Paris!

I’ll be packing my Breton stripes and black shiny flats and heading off to Paris for my 23rd birthday at the start of May (if all goes to plan!) I want to cruise down the Seine, shop until I drop in all the chic boutiques and be held tightly as I stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Has anyone got any top tips for a romantic Paris break? Luckily for me, R speaks fluent French so I’m looking forward to sighing with romance as he orders brie and grapes for breakfast.

Yesterday was the main event with the little brothers, mum and step-dad in tow. Tip-toeing like a child into my mum’s room at 745am on Christmas morning, I awoke the whole house with a round of Christmas singing and childish foolery! At 22 years old, I was the most excited!

Sausage sandwiches and Christmas cookies kicked off breakfast as my brothers worked through pile after pile of boyish gifts. Squeals of shock and delight echoed in the room as I presented my little brother with a Justin Beiber mask (yes, really!) and I was chuffed to see they’d been given the One Direction album- think I’ll be having a sneaky play of that!

Then it came to me and, after a year of working hard, I was rewarded by the bearded man himself! Glittery purple wrapping paper played host to lavender room scents, Yankee candles, pore penetrating face masks and a rose gold watch. And clearly Santa knows what a beauty junkie I am! Piled under my tree right this second sits products from Philosophy, enough Elemis to make my own spa, the Soap and Glory bag set and a Leighton Denny set which took my breath away. Hurrah!

I’m armed with a little cash to hit the shops tomorrow and I’m on the hunt for some new jeans, a sexy black leather jacket and a whole host of fashion magazine to swot up on trends before I head to do work experience with More magazine in 3 weeks!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas filled with laughter, family, friends and vino!


Risking My Reputation

19 Oct


Drooling over fit bodies, singing along to the harmonies and voting for my favourite act about 63 times has become a Saturday night ritual in my home. The X Factor live shows are back and the last two weeks have seen me turn into a full on, no holds barred, loud and proud Riskette.

It’s been years since I’ve blushed over the sight of a toned torso from my favourite boyband member. Indeed, it feels like a lifetime ago when I was screaming for Ben from A1 at the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party (remember that?!)

But income the likes of The Wanted, The Risk and- dare I say- One Direction. Whether it’s Harry Styles and his just-legal floppy hair or praying that Max from The Wanted will dump the stunning Michelle Keegan for me, I am hopelessly in love with the boyband.

So when my dream man, Derry from The Risk, steps onto the stage on a Saturday night to serenade me with his beautiful tones, I am helpless.

I’ve taken it a step further though. I’ve joined Tumblr pages dedicated to my favourite X Factor band, I’m making Twitter friends with fourteen year old 1D fans over our shared love of Zayn being single again and I may or may not be swooning over a photo I have of The Risk glued in my diary.

I’m 22, for goodness sake, what’s happened to me? Someone, anyone, please tell me I’m not the only one?!

Guess Who! Paperchase dinner disguise masks

25 Feb

Tuesday will mark the big 4-0 for my boyfriend and I am beyond excited! What’s better than a birthday? Cake, party poppers, presents, smiles… the works! He, sadly, is slightly less excited about it and probably quite nervous at the fact that I’ve hinted that I have him more presents than I own dresses.

The day is going to be fabulous! We’ll do our favourite things, eat our favourite food and go to our favourite places. Hell, I might even throw a tiny tea party. And that’s where these dinner disguise masks by Paperchase come in. With seven masks and seven dramatic props, party guests can have a jolly old-time wearing silly masks and drinking fizzy stuff! Why don’t you slot one into an invite or use them as place settings? Me? I’d probably just wear a different one every day of the week coz I iz cool like dat!

Priced at £7.50, you can order the disguise masks online or you can purchase at any Paperchase store. Hurrah!

Dinner disguise masks, £7.50, Paperchase

Moomins join Cloth-Ears!

27 May

To celebrate the 65th anniversary and the forthcoming 3D movie, “Moomins and the Comet Chase”, Cloth-Ears have launched their very own Moomin collection! Featuring a range of products including purses, bags and crochet Moomins, the collection at Cloth-Ears is simply adorable!

The entire collection can be viewed and bought here. Trust me, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Naughty pick ‘n’ mix? Yes please!

26 Mar

A little while ago I got send a naughty little package from Durex containing a little retro sweetie bag filled with goodies of my choice. Their Pick & Licks range is actually very fabulous- naughty, fun, and sugary sweet!

Pick & Licks gives you the chance to select your favourite mix from a wide variety of condoms and lubes. Whether you choose to stick to old favourites or try something new (very cherry lube, anyone?), it’s all about experimenting and reliving an old childhood experience in a very grown-up way!

As Ruth Gresty, senior brand manager of Durex Play commented: “We’ve launched Pick & Licks to appeal to all those singles or couples out there who want to sample a little bit of everything from the Durex Play range. Create your very own personalised bag of treats- it’s the naughty version of pick & mix!”

Prices start at £1, with a minimum spend of £5 plus p&p. Why not check out the site now and tell me what you’ve picked if you’re feeling brave enough!

Durex Pick & Licks.

Hummingbird Bakery notebooks.

21 Mar

The lovely @fashionambition (editor of Sketchbook magazine) has been tweeting about the Hummingbird Bakery this afternoon and it’s got me totally drooling and craving to be living back in London. I miss post-work cupcakes and weekend strolls to the V&A followed by a red velvet and a Diet Coke out of a glass bottle….ahhh!

Anyway, enough reminiscing, all that talk about the place reminded me of these Hummingbird Bakery notebooks I came across on the John Lewis site. If you’re not content with having the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook sitting on your shelf, how about writing down your own recipies in these books? Or they’d look great on your desk in your office or study.

At £10 for a set of four, I think they’re a great bargain. I for one will be sticking them down on my birthday wish-list!

The launch of

30 Nov

Earlier this month I attended a very beautiful and sensitive launch of The website, which launched on Remembrance Day 2009, is a one of a kind tribute site which enables you to remember loved ones in a very interactive and social way.

Everlasting allows you to create a tribute page for a loved one who has sadly passed away: share photographs, stories and memories with friends and family around the world. What I find most interesting about the website is the ability to learn so much about your loved one that you may never have known before. Colleagues can tell different tales to partners, daughters can tell different tales to long-lost friends… the website opens up a whole new window on the world of your loved one.

“ We are in an era when a lot people feel more comfortable posting their feelings online.” Says Psychologist Dr Loftmore. “ This is not a criticism, if people are expressing themselves this is infinitely more preferable to people suppressing their emotions” Dr Loftmore goes on to say “ An online tribute will help people express their grief, which is invaluable.”

With easy access and an easy layout, Everlasting can be used by even the most Internet wary types. However, the magic of this website means you can create a fitting tribute book filled with the photographs and stories you’ve shared. The book, which starts at £50, can be turned into a mini-autobiography and shared around the world. With help from the website, you design the book and make it special and unique to you and your family.

Finally, Everlasting will donate 2.5% of the sale of each book to certain charities which include The Caron Keating Foundation and Trees for Cities.

Everlasting is a beautiful way to express and remember the joys of someone who has passed. I’ve sadly just suffered a loss in my family and will be recommending Everlasting as a way to connect, share and remember in our time of grief.

Thanks to all the team at Everlasting for a beautiful launch which included gorgeous cupcakes, a beautiful venue and the delightful experience of having Gloria Hunniford give a fitting and moving speech at the event. I’ve added a special photograph below of Gloria Hunniford with Gary Goodman- the managing director of Everlasting.