6 Feb

Since coming back from London, the low moods really hit me. I have to admit I miss the rush of London, the busy office and the thrill of partying a few nights a week. But lovely Nottinghamshire is just that… lovely. The boyfriend and I have been getting back into our routine and I’ve been kept busy copywriting for a client.

Since coming back, conversations have been turned to Paris and our beautiful trip on May 2nd to May 4th. My boyfriend and I are jumping on the Eurostar to Paris in several weeks for a few nights of champagne drinking, brie eating and general tourist photo taking.

I’ve been researching some brands to splurge my birthday Euros on. I want tank tops from Sandro, a bag from Vanessa Bruno and Breton stripes from APC. Of course, we’ll be taking a trip to Sephora where I can go wild and stock up on red lipstick, mineral foundations and floral creams. I cannot wait!

What are your tips for shopping in Paris? Any brands I should be aware of? Do you have a favourite French beauty product? I’m dying to know!

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