Soap and Glory Clean Mary Cleansing Milk Review

4 Aug

I’ve recently become a major Soap and Glory fan after acquiring a few products through the City WI tombola (and a rather glam tombola it was!) One of the items I got my hands on was Soap and Glory’s Clean Mary Cleansing Milk. With the weather being so up and down, my pores have decided to attack and my skin is just feeling a little grubby right now. The Clean Mary Cleansing Milk is a lightweight formula that claims to shrink pores, banish blackheads and leaving skin feeling free of that polluted feeling that summer can bring. And I am in love!

Apply a 50p sized amount of the cleansing milk to your face and rub in large circular motions to really stimulate those evil pores, rinse well and then simple pat dry. What takes around 60 seconds will leave your skin feeling soft, squeaky clean and back to its normal healthy self all day long. I use this product then apply my favourite SPF moisturiser for during the day or simply use it when I’ve taken my make-up off in the evening and need to give my skin a chance to breathe.

I’ve tried a lot of cleansers but they can often feel the same to me, never quite getting things as clean as I like them, but this product really does beat them all. And whilst I’ll still use my favourite Boots No7 hot cloth cleanser for when my skin needs a little radiance, Soap and Glory’s cleansing milk really has taken over this summer. Dare I say it… I think I’ve found my Holy Grail cleanser!

If there’s not an option to win this product in a tombola, you can purchase it from ASOS for £6.15 for 180ml.


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