Midnight in Missoni

13 Jul

Hello Guys and Dolls, I’ve just arrived back home after some rather nasty and painful surgery. But I’m ok, I have all my luxuries here- laptop, magazines, a big blanket over me… lovely.

Whether you’re ill or not, there’s always something wonderful about getting into your nightwear at 5pm. Whilst most people are rushing out the office to make the train, you’re at home with your favourite pjs on and a copy of Stylist. It’s one of my favourite things to do on days off and a little guilty pleasure.

I go through stacks of pjs and loungewear- it’s one of those things I don’t mind spending a bit of cash on because I know it’ll get worn and be all snuggly! I’ve currently got my eye on this Missoni Home bathrobe available from Net-A-Porter. The bright colours and the signature zigzags make this worth every penny of the £180 it’s priced at. Just add a warm drink, a great movie and a hot man to snuggle up to. Goodnight!


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