April’s W.I meeting

14 Apr

Have I mentioned I’m part of the W.I? I’m not sure I have. Every month a bunch of fabulous young women get together and drink tea, enjoy really inspiring talks and swap recipes, knitting patterns and blog addresses alike. For a while I’d been looking for a W.I which would appeal to me and was close to home- and City W.I is a mere 2 minutes walk from my flat!

Beautiful handcrafted book brought in by Hannah Wroe

This month we enjoyed a wonderful talk from Hannah Wroe, pattern cutter extraordinaire and blogger at Hannah and Bella. Hannah spoke all about vintage pattern cutting and showed us some of the most gorgeous books which I ever so delicately ran my fingers over and marvelled at the couture designs. As a fan of the 1950s (especially circle skirts and petticoats!) I loved hearing how in love Hannah was with the era and how she translated it into her everyday work. Her own designs, often made from one-off digitally printed fabrics, are incredible and look like something from the highest fashion houses of the decade it was inspired by. I’ve already bookmarked her to make my wedding dress (she’ll be waiting a while, though!)

After Hannah’s talk I enjoyed a lovely gossip about everything from plus size fashion to going to the zoo. It’s such a pleasure to be in the company of like-minded and inspiring women and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the monthly posts about our meetings.

If you’re interested in coming along then City W.I is held every 2nd Wednesday of the month at Community Centre, Mansfield Road, Nottingham and starts around 7.30pm (or once everyone has a cup of tea and slice of cake in their hand!)

Also, a massive thank you to Claire McCurdy for making the gorgeous cardamom cake this month- yummy!

I wanted to take all the books home with me!

Beautiful lingerie made by Hannah Wroe


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