My latest beauty essentials

26 Mar

Hello! Sorry for the absence the past few weeks have been crazy! I’ve had everything from a serious virus to university deadlines and sadly losing my pet guinea pig Horatio. Needless to say, I’m in some major need of some pampering and I thought I’d share with you the top 10 products which are getting me through right now.

1. Tesco baby shampoo, 500ml, 80p. For the last 2 months or so I’ve been struck down with a mystery illness which has seen my hair frizz and dry up like never before. Having tried extra moisturising products on my hair, the virus appeared to also make my scalp extra sore. The only thing that really worked for me has been Tesco baby shampoo, it has a thin consistency and is gentle on the most sensitive of skin. As well as soothing my scalp, I also found the baby shampoo to give my hair lift and bounce. Not bad for 80p, eh?









2. Tesco baby bath, 500ml, 82p. Sticking with the baby theme, I’ve been using this baby bath as a shower gel after long days. The smell totally takes me back to my childhood and is the most gorgeous comfort when lathered up and soaked into the skin.









3. 17 Nail Xtras crackle top coat, 10ml, £3.99. I picked this up in my local Boots store earlier this week and only got round to applying it today but I really do love it. The colour of the crackle coat reminds me of those big gold marker pens the teachers had in junior school that you were only allowed to use at Christmas to write out a homemade card to your mum. My only piece of advice would be to make sure the undercoat is fully dry and apply a thin coat to get a better effect.








4. Barry M berry ice-cream nail paint, 10ml, £2.99. I’ve only just bought this Barry M shade of lilac and wish I hadn’t waited so long. Released last year as part of the Barry M ice-cream range, berry ice-cream offers a highly pigmented spring colour that’s perfect for teaming with a sparkly top coat or stick on nail flowers.











5. MAC Wonder Woman lipstick in Spitfire, £15. The most beautiful and yet most powerful of all superheroines, Wonder Woman makes her MAC debut with a, er, wonderful range featuring this plumping plum lipstick. With my fair colouring and ginger hair, I never thought a purple shade would work well on me but that’s the joy of going into the MAC store and swatching everything, I guess. I’d gone in hoping to buy Russian Red but this pink toned purple worked so much better on me and I certainly think it would suit most skin tones.











6. Dr Organic tea tree lip balm, 5.7ml, 1p-£3.25. That’s right, I paid a penny for this super moisturising lip balm. Holland and Barrett currently have their penny sale on which means you buy one thing at full price and another for a mere shiny penny. I’d gone into Holland and Barrett to pick up some Omega 3 pills to help me focus but this was the gem I came out with. The chunky balm provides calming relief for even the most dry of pouts. The tea tree oil helps repair cracks whilst the shea butter makes lips feel pillow soft. It’s a wonderful balm to apply before lipstick or throughout the day.











7. Body Shop vitamin C daily moisturiser with SPF30, 50ml, £10. Did any of you buy the brilliant Body Shop Groupon voucher? I certainly snapped it up and recently waltzed down to Nottingham’s Bridlesmith Gate to spend, spend, spend in one of my favourite stores. Between the lavender spray and body butters, I also picked up some products from their new vitamin C range which was launched to combat dull skin. The hydrating facial moisturiser is packed with goodness including Amazonian camu camu berry. I apply this before make-up to help fight wrinkle causing UVA/UVB rays. So far so good!









8. Body Shop Illuminating Face Base, £14. Another recent Body Shop purchase was the illuminating face base. With pretty packing designed by the students of London College of Fashion, this peachy wonder is advertised to be used before foundation but I much, much, much prefer to use it alone. With an amazing glow that I’ve craved for years, this base can be applied to cheeks for that inner radiant look that only the most gorgeous of pregnant women have. With an integrated brush, the product can be applied easily and one simple sweep on each cheek is enough to last all day.









9. Avon Super Shock mascara, 10ml, £5. As a total devotee to Avon’s incredible Spectralash mascara, I wasn’t too bothered when I received the Super Shock mascara as a free gift from my Avon rep. However, when having a rather lazy day with mum, I tested the mascara after applying my moisturiser and I was actually really pleased. Spectralash gives me the lashes I’ve always dreamed of- thick, long and sexy but Super Shock provides something a little more subtle. With a fine comb and non-gloop formula, the mascara gave me really long lashes whilst also separating and coating each individual lash. Very impressed!











10. Directions hair colour, around £5, flamingo pink. I know what you’re thinking, why would I be raving about a pink hair dye when I clearly love my ginger locks? Well, er, I have a confession… I’ve dyed my hair. Pink. I’m sorry. After reaching for the bleach and then this semi-permanent colour, I realise there was no going back… I have pink hair and I like it! This shade is really bright but fades quickly so I think the fortnightly dying jobs might drive me a bit mad but the colour actually really suits me and it’s just fun! All hail coloured hair!


One Response to “My latest beauty essentials”

  1. Charl May 22, 2011 at 1:32 pm #

    Just wanted to say, I’ve been having some scalp issues lately. I seem to find that normal shampoos have been aggravating it, so after reading this post I bought myself some baby shampoo (and bath, and lotion – I just love the smell!) and since using it my hair and scalp have been feeling significantly better – thanks for the tip!

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