Moustache fun: Urban Outfitters Pint Glasses

24 Feb

Bonjour Monsieur! Who doesn’t love a bit of silliness? Especially when it involves a moustache or two. Urban Outfitters have clearly tapped into my need for a bit of upper-lip fur in my life and have produced these amazing pint glasses featuring the moustache style of your choice. Are you going to go for the bushier Monsieur style or the longer magician pint glass? Hmmm…

I reckon I’d go for the Magician and whisk up a magic concoction of pink lemonade, melon flavoured alcopop and popping candy because I’m just that classy. I reckon Monsieur would quite enjoy a pint of stout. Or maybe a pint of the finest French red wine. Drink responsibly etc, etc, etc.

Priced at £8 each, I’m off to get mine from Urban Outfitters. Let the silly photos commence!

Monsieur Pint Glass, £8, Urban Outfitters

Magician Pint Glass, £8, Urban Outfitters


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