Shoe Tuesday: My Mums Garden

23 Feb

I realise Shoe Tuesday is taking place on a Wednesday this week and, to all you heel–a-holics, I deeply apologise. I was struck down with a horrid fever yesterday and failed to do anything but to-up my cold compress and moan quite a bit.

So, here we are, time for your shoe update. And, boy, have a picked a good pair!

Florals and Cupcakes was named after my two favourite things (no prizes for guessing!). For me, a perfect day would consist of wearing a pretty floral dress and skipping down to the nearest bakery for a cupcake covered in edible glitter. And whilst I can’t offer the cupcake aspect of my obsession this week, I can offer the florals.

Office are offering us these divine My Mums Garden heels and I am head-over-floral-heel in love. I’d wear these with a clashing floral dress, fishtail braid and coral lippie for a chic daytime look.

Trot down to Office now and pick these up for £68.


One Response to “Shoe Tuesday: My Mums Garden”

  1. Nikki February 23, 2011 at 5:23 pm #

    They are gorgeous! Love.

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