Premier Cru- The Eye Cream: Your eyes won’t believe their eyes.

2 Feb

When a face cream becomes the number one selling anti-aging formula in France, you know it’s time to sit up and take note- those chic French women aren’t all naturally radiant, I’m sure. So when I was invited to trail the follow-up eye cream by Caudalie, I couldn’t resist.

The first thing that strikes you about the cream is the luxurious packaging; with gold and silver colouring, it has an air of scientific product about it make it all the more promising.

With its formulation including grapevine resveratrol and grape-seed polyphenols, Premier Cru Eye Cream has truly been crafted by the masters. Made to combat signs of wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dark circles, puffiness, dark spots, loss of radiance and dehydration, you’d be surprised that all you need is a half a pump of the formula both in the morning and at night.

Whilst I’m not suffering wrinkles yet, I am on a major prevention plan which basically involves good quality products that work for my skin. I suffer terribly from puffy, sore eyes and I’ve been haunted with dark circles under my eyes as an after effect of a poor immune system caused by an illness in my teens.

After my usual skin regime on a morning and evening, I applied the suggested pump of the eye cream around the inner and outer corners of my eyes, dabbing really gently with my little finger.

Containing a deliciously soft avocado butter, the cream smoothed into my skin in an instant and left them noticeably cooler. I’ve been using Premier Cru Eye Cream for around three weeks now and I’m really happy with the results:

  • Dark circles have been reduced by around 70%
  • Inflamed skin around the eyelid has all but vanished.
  • Puffiness on a morning isn’t as noticeable and is soothed with the eye cream.
  • Whole eye area feels less sore, swollen and tight due to the replumping effect this product has.

I’ve recommended this product to a few people on Twitter and I can’t suggest it enough. Whether you’re in your early 20s and looking for something to sooth away the effects of late nights or whether you’re in your 70s and looking to smooth out deep-set wrinkles, this product really is my wonder cream. I’m so thankful to have come across it.

With an RRP of £48.50 for 15ml, it might sound pricey at first but it’s a much better option to wasting cash on products which you’ll discard after a few days. Premier Cru Eye Cream is available across the UK in Selfridges and Space NK.


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