Rob Ryan bunting

22 Jan

Having recently picked up some ever-so-twee floral bunting from mothers’ favourite BHS, I can happily say it makes a massive difference to any room at a very affordable price.

In light of this, I’m now on the look-out for something less girly to brighten up our dining room. Since the gigantic colourful paper chains were taken down post-Christmas (boo!), we’re back to white walls and wooden floors. As relaxing as a white room can be, I always like to have a colourful print or quirky object demanding attention.

Then I came across the Rob Ryan bunting and, boy, am I in love! Rob Ryan, the God-like genius that he is, has produced this set of printed bunting which you can purchase from Graham and Green for a mere £24.95. I think this will look gorgeous across any wall or draped around the bed in any teenage bedroom. The bunting also makes an unusual gift for those hard-to-buy-for sorts who appear to have everything.

The bunting is printed on eco-friendly, non-bleached cotton and comes in a sweet little drawstring bag. Rob Ryan bunting, £29.95, Graham and Green.


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