One Night Strand.

21 Jan

I’ve wanted to dye my hair pink for ages. Indeed, purple or blue would do. Can you imagine the admiring looks you’d get from passers-by for being so brave as to don a candyfloss coloured do?

Alas, working in the fields of B2B PR and modelling kind of restrict my hair colour options- and I’d miss my signature ginger locks far too much! It was when pondering how to transform my barnet into something rainbow coloured that my lovely mother discovered Lee Stafford’s Colour Extreme sprays.

The Colour Extreme spray comes in a wide range of colours including ultra violet (which I’m currently sporting now), passionate pink, rockin red and azure blue. I’ve taken to plaiting my hair and then spraying the braid a pretty pink or purple for a slightly bohemian look.

The best thing about the sprays, apart from their super reasonable £3.99 price tag, has to be the fact that they’re wash-in/wash-out. So if you’re in a slightly “sensible” job like I am or you don’t fancy keeping the colour, you just pop your head under the shower and you’re back to normal!

The Colour Extreme sprays are brilliant for weekends, parties or festivals. I’m planning on adding blue to my collection!

Priced at around £3.99, the Lee Stafford Colour Extreme sprays are available at Boots and selected online retailers. Get colouring!


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