My Guardian Angel

2 Jan

Over the winter, I was very kindly sent the Guardian Angel balm by Vie At Home and felt it was only right to report it has been my saving grace these past few weeks! I’m a sucker for anything which will protect my skin but, after trying all sorts of wonder balms and creams, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The first thing that overwhelmed me about this product was the beautiful smell! The balm is filled with evening primrose oil, sage, cinnamon and rosemary but, to me, it smelt more like a soothing lavender which- as you know- is my favourite! I applied the product to my lips to replenish my cracked pout and the non-sticky formula instantly felt cooling and moisturising. I also found the product to be fab as a lipgloss- the boyfriend never stopped complimenting me on how glossy and seductive my lips looked when I had it on.

Packed with vitamins A, C and E, the balm is great for anywhere on the body that needs a little moisture. When I burned myself on the oven, I used it to calm the redness. When I ran out of mascara, I applied a little to my fingertip and it instantly gave length to my lashes. And when my cuticles were looking all sore and unhealthy, the Guardian Angel balm came to my rescue yet again and gave me healthy looking nails.

I’m a massive fan of the balm and cannot recommend it enough! It costs £13 and you can pop one in your basket through Vie At Home and online.


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