Thinking ahead to spring…

29 Dec

I’m spending today researching vegetables. Yes, you heard that right- vegetables! With my lovely other half and I moving in together in 2011, I want to have everything just-so so that his place feels like our place. Expect lots of wallpaper and interiors posts in the coming months as I go in search of the perfect additions for our Nottinghamshire home.

But back to the veg! For a long while I’ve wanted to grow my own vegetables in the lovely garden at the rear of our/my future home. My boyfriend isn’t much of a gardener to say the least but he is managing to sort it all out for me so it’s neat and tidy to sew some cabbages and Californian sweet peppers at the end of January.

I can’t wait for the garden to be filled with veg and perhaps a pretty rose-bush. In the summer I plan on sewing and planting with the wind-up radio playing in the background as the sun beats down on my browning skin. When I saw this deck chair from Cabbages and Roses, I knew it was for me! What could be more of a delight than sitting in a pretty deck chair with a homemade smoothie in hand?

OK, so it might not be quite the weather but why not plan ahead and look forward to the spring? And, in the mean time, the deck chair will look gorgeous in a guest room or small child’s room.

Priced at £120, the Hatley Cerise deck chair is available online from Cabbages and Roses.


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