Guest Post from Angharad at Edible Glitter!

13 Dec

The lovely Angharad from Edible Glitter is a brilliant blogger with fabulous taste so it was always on the cards for us to do guest posts for one another! Angharad has written a lovely piece on how to survive the winter in true comfort. Over to you, Angharad!

Winter always seems to catch us, as a nation, totally unawares. I don’t know why that is; it’s not like we don’t have an entire year to prepare for it. Theoretically we should be organised months in advance, with sand ready to grit the roads and mittens ready to protect us from frostbite. And yet somehow, we all seem to secretly think that Britain is situated somewhere on the Equator, and that maxi dress we bought in the Summer will probably see us through to January as long as we add a cosy cardi.

The thing is, from a fashion perspective,Winter is just…well…inconvenient. I discovered this today after a long slog around Oxford Street during which I learned one thing: I only like high-heeled boots. There are no flat boots out there which make me want to squeal and take them home. Which would be fine except, ooh, wait, the pavements in London are currently covered in compacted ice which has me slipping and sliding in my trainers, let alone in ankle-breaking stilettos. So thanks but no thanks, River Island: your fur-covered stack-heeled boots are gorgeous, but they just aren’t going to cut the mustard.

There’s also the issue of knitwear to consider (please can someone invent a jumper that is fashionable, crazily warm and won’t shrink when I wash it?) and don’t even get me started on gloves. Actually, it’s not gloves that are the problem: it’s Apple. I have a lovely pair of elbow-length black wool gloves from Accessorize, but do I ever wear them? Do I hell. You see, a gloved finger can’t operate the touch screen on an iPhone, and as someone who is constantly glued to the wretched device I needs must suffer blue fingers on a daily basis.

Still, it’s not all doom and gloom during Winter time. I for one have decided that the sensible thing to do is to hibernate, somewhat in the manner of a hedgehog or ladybird (it’s true, I just Googled it, ladybirds hibernate for the colder months). I’ve come up with the perfect hibernation kit to keep us all going until March, when we can emerge as if from a chrysalis and thank the heavens that it’s nearly flip-flop season again.

Angharad’s Hibernation Kit

  • Potato Gratin – Comfort food is an essential Winter staple (there’s plenty of time to worry about calories later, when swimsuit season comes round again. For the moment you can hide it all under a huge woolly jumper, so quit whinging). Most supermarkets do a ready-made Gratin Dauphinoise – pop it in the oven for half an hour and then indulge.
  • Infusion Sticks – If you’re going to spend more time indoors then you might as well make the place smell pretty. This gorgeous green fig infusion stick and candle gift set from M&S won’t break the bank and will leave your home smelling so inviting you’ll never want to leave. £9.50

  • A Classic DVD – Now that it’s dark so early it’s so much more tempting to stay in with a DVD than battle your way across town for a night out. Log on to Amazon and order yourself a classic black and white film to snuggle up in front of – my favourite is Casablanca. £5

  • Bubble Bath – A long hot bath is the best way to chase away any Winter blues, so make sure you have your favourite bath products to hand. I love this Exotic Bubble Float from Champneys, which brings a touch of the spa to your own bathroom and is sure to have you feeling relaxed in no time. £12


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