Congratulations to A’kin!

19 Apr

Massive congratulations to all the team at A’kin! The pureMAN Calming Aftershave Balm has won the best new men’s grooming product in the CEW Beauty Awards! And rightly so, I say. The team at A’kin kindly sent my lovely other half some products to test out recently and, as total fashion and grooming geek, they were under expert scrutiny.

The boyfriend has nearly as many products as I do so it takes a lot to impress but the pureMAN range by A’kin passed the test!

The range is designed to take care of men’s skin in a way that a lot of chemical laden grooming products can’t quite accomplish. Packed with the good stuff, including carefully selected natural ingredients, it’s designed to sooth skin and enhance your bloke’s gorgeousness!

If your man is looking for something that is going to do him the world of good but also doesn’t involve going into Lush (men hate that store!) then you need to suggest pureMAN by A’kin.

Priced between £8.99 and £15.99, the range is stocked in UK Whole Foods stores and can be purchased through the MyPure website.


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