Naughty pick ‘n’ mix? Yes please!

26 Mar

A little while ago I got send a naughty little package from Durex containing a little retro sweetie bag filled with goodies of my choice. Their Pick & Licks range is actually very fabulous- naughty, fun, and sugary sweet!

Pick & Licks gives you the chance to select your favourite mix from a wide variety of condoms and lubes. Whether you choose to stick to old favourites or try something new (very cherry lube, anyone?), it’s all about experimenting and reliving an old childhood experience in a very grown-up way!

As Ruth Gresty, senior brand manager of Durex Play commented: “We’ve launched Pick & Licks to appeal to all those singles or couples out there who want to sample a little bit of everything from the Durex Play range. Create your very own personalised bag of treats- it’s the naughty version of pick & mix!”

Prices start at £1, with a minimum spend of £5 plus p&p. Why not check out the site now and tell me what you’ve picked if you’re feeling brave enough!

Durex Pick & Licks.


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