The perfect gift for your yummy mummy!

11 Mar

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. You remembered, right? What? You didn’t? Oh well, guess you’re in a bit of a predicament then. What to do…

Tell you what, I’ll let you in on a little secret- you can head down to Millie’s Cookies this weekend and bag the perfect Mother’s Day gift! Who can resist the super soft dough of a Millie’s Cookie? And that, coupled with an extra special personalised message, will make the perfect gift this weekend.

With space for 20 characters, you can really get creative with your message. How about the simple “Best Mum in the World”? Or, as the title of this post suggests, remind her that she’s a “Yummy Mummy”.

They take just two hours to make so head down to your local store tomorrow or Saturday and treat your mum to a giant cookie (and you could also do the washing up too!).

A 12 inch giant cookie is priced at £14.99- yum yum!


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