The writing’s on the wall.

19 Feb

Not quite the Crayola mess you used to scribble on your bedroom wall as a small child (tell me that wasn’t just me!), these vinyl stick-on letter signs from Etsy user willowcreeksigns are so chic and pretty.

Vinyl wall stickers appear fairly easy to use, although if your eye sight isn’t perfect like mine it’s perhaps best to get your significant other or a friend to double check everything is straight! Basically, it’s stencilling without the worry and they’re easy peel so if you become bored, it’s no problem to gently take them off and start over.

Personally, I’m totally smitten with the “PS I love you” sign– how sweet and romantic would this be above the bed of yourself and your beloved? So cute! Or how about a cool Rock & Roll sign for a 50s diner look? You can customise your sign in a range of colours to match (or clash!) with your colour scheme.

Prices vary depending on which phrase you order but shipping is around $8.


One Response to “The writing’s on the wall.”

  1. Susie May 12, 2011 at 12:10 am #

    Vinyl wall decals are so hip and really upscale a room. I love your sign.

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