Pocket mirrors from Spaceform.

26 Jan

Spaceform are such a sweet brand, they produce gorgeous items made from glass and each piece is individually hand crafted so you know you have something unique and one-off. Their chic and classic packaging also means that, if buying a gift, you don’t have to spend an age on fiddly bits of sticky tape and ribbon.

There’s so much to choose from on the Spaceform website. Personally, I adore the London collection as it reminds me of when I lived there. Those looking for a unique Valentine’s gift should take a peek at their love and romance collection and Spaceform also stock stylish glass vases that would look great filled with bright flowers and placed on a desk to cheer up your day.

I think the Spaceform hand painted mirrors make such great gifts. Complete with a felt and ribbon case, the mirrors are hand painted and made with such care and attention. At £14.95, the provide a cute and girly gift in a range of styles to suit any age. Here’s a few examples…

Cupcake mirror:

A tropical themed pocket mirror which would look great in any beach bag:

I’ve got my eye on this rose print one to give to my mum for Valentine’s day:

Still obsessed with Russian Dolls? This item is currently sold out but keep an eye out for further stock:

Finally, add a bit of sunshine and sparkle to every day with this rainbow themed mirror. Again, keep an eye out for when they re-stock this item:



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