The launch of

30 Nov

Earlier this month I attended a very beautiful and sensitive launch of The website, which launched on Remembrance Day 2009, is a one of a kind tribute site which enables you to remember loved ones in a very interactive and social way.

Everlasting allows you to create a tribute page for a loved one who has sadly passed away: share photographs, stories and memories with friends and family around the world. What I find most interesting about the website is the ability to learn so much about your loved one that you may never have known before. Colleagues can tell different tales to partners, daughters can tell different tales to long-lost friends… the website opens up a whole new window on the world of your loved one.

“ We are in an era when a lot people feel more comfortable posting their feelings online.” Says Psychologist Dr Loftmore. “ This is not a criticism, if people are expressing themselves this is infinitely more preferable to people suppressing their emotions” Dr Loftmore goes on to say “ An online tribute will help people express their grief, which is invaluable.”

With easy access and an easy layout, Everlasting can be used by even the most Internet wary types. However, the magic of this website means you can create a fitting tribute book filled with the photographs and stories you’ve shared. The book, which starts at £50, can be turned into a mini-autobiography and shared around the world. With help from the website, you design the book and make it special and unique to you and your family.

Finally, Everlasting will donate 2.5% of the sale of each book to certain charities which include The Caron Keating Foundation and Trees for Cities.

Everlasting is a beautiful way to express and remember the joys of someone who has passed. I’ve sadly just suffered a loss in my family and will be recommending Everlasting as a way to connect, share and remember in our time of grief.

Thanks to all the team at Everlasting for a beautiful launch which included gorgeous cupcakes, a beautiful venue and the delightful experience of having Gloria Hunniford give a fitting and moving speech at the event. I’ve added a special photograph below of Gloria Hunniford with Gary Goodman- the managing director of Everlasting.


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