Freshers’ Week or Fashion Week, let Scholl come to the rescue.

23 Sep

Tonight marks the first night of many leaving dinners/lunches/cocktails and I’m going to make sure I feel fabulous to the tips of my toes.

But, after a summer of brightly painted nails, I’m now faced with a horrible staining that will certain not look pretty with my peep-toes. You know the look, right? That horrible yellow effect from strong nail vanish applied to your toes. However, Scholl have come to the rescue. I’ve been apply their Nail Brightening System and it’s working wonders.

Scholl’s Nail Brightening System is clinically proven to condition and treat those poor stained nails. It’s so easy to apply, too. Simply file the nail with the file that comes with the system, apply the nail gel and leave to dry for 2 minutes and then apply the nail brightener. You could always apply a second coat of the brightener or use the system as a base for any colour nail paint you desire. Perfect if you’re in a hurry and need that “I’ve-just-had-an-expensive-pedicure” look.

And whether you’ve been attending Freshers’ Week or Fashion Week, I know so many of you lovely ladies will be feeling the pinch from uncomfortable heels and shockingly high stilettos. I have a gorgeous pair of black slingbacks I’m wearing this evening but I’m certainly no good with heels. For several years I’ve used Scholl Party Feet Gel Cushions to ease the pain on the balls of my feet caused by my towering high-heels. Scholl have just brought out some new limited edition Glitter Snowflake Gel Cushions for that extra feeling of pure pampered goddess. The ultra slim cushions will fit into any shoe comfortably meaning you can dance the night away without feeling crippled.

The Nail Brightening System costs £9.99 and the Snowflake Gel Cushions come in at a tiny £4.88. Check out the Scholl website for more information or to purchase to fabulous feet treats and take a look at the images below.











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