Snake Charmer.

16 Sep

Oh how I love thee, Filofax. You organise my shopping days, press events, lunches and dates ever so well and I shall never bore of you. Actually, I may have fallen in love with you even more…

Filofax have produced the most sleek and chic organiser I think I have ever seen. This Limited Edition Domino organiser is set to become a must-have. Available from the end of September, it includes all your Filofax needs with diary pages, notes, address pages and dividers but now comes in this gorgeous faux snake-skin interior.

Priced at £22 for the pocket organiser and £25 for the personal organiser, it’s the perfect solution for work, academic or social organisation. But be quick- these beauties are available for a limited time only!



One Response to “Snake Charmer.”

  1. Nikki September 17, 2009 at 8:39 pm #

    That’s really nice. I couldn’t live without my Filofax but it does depress me that it’s just boring brown and not any of the cool designs you can get now.

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