The lazy guide to puddings.

2 Sep

I went to visit my student flat over the weekend and had a peek through the windows. All I could see was my kitchen which was so tiny I nearly began to cry as I wondered how I was going to become the Baking Queen of Nottingham Trent University. My beloved cupcake station at home may well have to turn into a mini muffin station once at NTU.

However, I do have some joy. I’ve recently found the perfect puddings to tempt any student- baking fanatic or not. Ambrosia have launched some fabulously comforting jelly pots and crumble pots. For a tiny 69p, you can have a choice of a jelly pot with custard on the side or a delicious crumble pot also with custard- and they’re less than 5% fat.

The lovely people at Ambrosia sent me some over to test out and I have to say that the apple compote is my favourite but there’s a wide range of flavours to choose from.

So, if your kitchen is just a bit too small or busy to bake up a storm, cheat a little and stock up on Ambrosia Jelly Pots and Crumble Pots. They really are the lazy student guide to the perfect pudding.

JellyPuds medium


2 Responses to “The lazy guide to puddings.”

  1. themidriffview September 2, 2009 at 11:44 am #

    My dear Florals and cupcakes, I totally approve of the importance you put to baking! There’s nothing like rustling up a great cake or similar – gives delight to both the baker and those who are blessed enough to have the chance to eat it.
    Saying that, I realise cooking isn’t everyone’s idea of fun so it’s good to know everyone can buy such pleasure too!
    love themidriff x

  2. wishingforthesun September 9, 2009 at 3:17 am #

    ooh they are so cute. i am sure you will be the baking queen of NTU 🙂

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