Elise Ryan- your new favourite store.

26 Aug

It’s nearly the weekend (well, sort of) and I’m already thinking about what to wear on Saturday night. I’m off to spend the weekend with my boyfriend and will no doubt be sipping a few cocktails in Nottingham or Derby over the weekend if I can drag myself away from Big Brother and The X Factor.

For me, a perfect Saturday afternoon is all about glamming up for the evening. I’m sure you’d agree that there’s nothing better than pampering yourself for hours and slipping into a new dress in time for hitting the town with the girls? Let’s face it, us girls dress so other girls want to look like us and the men want to look at us more.

I’ve come across Elise Ryan and had to share their dresses with you. For around £50, Elise Ryan will provide you with a show stopping dress that is bound to get that fit cocktail waiter in a stir about you! Looking like true designer dresses, these pieces come in sizes 8-14 and are classic yet totally on trend.

Have a look at my favourites and make sure you order something today- just in time for the weekend!
























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