Do the can-can, Nottingham!

14 Aug

Hurrah- I can finally reveal which lovely city I’ll be gracing when I start University this academic year. I kept quite quiet about it all and never mentioned it on blogs for fear for jinxing it but now that everything is sorted, I can officially reveal I’ll be studying at Nottingham Trent University! I can already hear my drunken chants of “NTU, NTU, NTU…” and so on and so forth.

Now, with several years as a journalist, a recently acquired role as a PR director and an everlasting need to be wearing patterns constantly, what would a girl like me study? Take a look at this course! It’s perfection and I knew I adored it as soon as I set my eyes on it (which was several years before I even applied to University). I was accepted onto the course back in late March but now, with six weeks exactly until moving day, I feel I can talk about it without it potentially being snatched out from under me!

It’s a dream come true and I look forward to meeting new people, having exciting experiences and growing as a person (hey, I know it’s cliché but there’s a little hippy chick inside of me!). I’d just like to take this chance to thank all the staff at NTU who have answered my silly little questions and made me feel so welcome already. Another special thank you goes out to Anna of the wonderful Wonderlander blog who has provided me with countless reassurance.

I have a few worries (mainly centering around my plus-sized boo-tay and the great load of teeny, tiny girls on my course) but nothing is more important to me than making my lovely little flat like a dream to walk into. I’ll be studying four days a week and taking on two internships during the week, as well as freelancing, so I need to make sure that Flat 1 is a little bit of Heaven to return to.

As my other half with be a stone throw away, I want to make my flat a space for us. I’ll be living with other students so I’m not so sure about how pretty and quaint communal areas will look but at least R and I can crash out in my tranquil little room and read magazines together on my cute single bed.

When I lived in London, I lived with a woman who was a master at interior design so I didn’t need to do a thing to my room. Since moving back in with my parents, I’ve kept my bedroom simple and white because I’ve always known I wouldn’t have been around much longer than a year.

Now that the idea of doing up Flat 1 is on the cards, I’ve searched some great high-street stores for their best home-wear finds!

Marks and Spencer:

Good old M&S. The place I buy my sandwiches and my pants! And now, it appears, some beautiful treats for my slumber room.

I saw this bed cover yesterday and could have cried at the beauty of it. With it’s crisp-cut and mix of simplicity and femininity, I’ll be picking this up this weekend. It’s a classic that can travel with me once I move out of student halls in July 2010.











Here’s a close-up of the floral and lace detail:














I’ve promised myself that I’ll always keep fresh flowers on my desk but sometimes fake flowers work just as well:











Now, I’ve convinced myself that looking good is all part of my course and I’ve managed to add manicures to my budget under ‘essentials’. I need a mirror so I can make sure my hair looks slick, my lipgloss is perfectly applied and my crazed eyebrows are as neat as can be. If I can’t find a vintage mirror, this one is a great buy:











Laura Ashley:

I need to be stopped with my Laura Ashley obsession. Whilst on the phone to journalist and editors, I’ve been on the Laura Ashley website non-stop today. Here are my perfect kitchen finds from the divine British brand.

I have a silly thing with my lover about salt and pepper shakers (basically I always pour the salt into my hand to make sure someone hasn’t mixed them up!) and these birdie ones will sit perfect on my dining table. Maybe I’ll mix the salt and pepper up and confuse R?










I love to bake (hence the name Florals and Cupcakes) and baking brownies, blondies and all sweet treats in between will be a great way to bond with my fellow flatmates. I’m hearting this floral cake stand:











The final piece from Laura Ashley is a super girly teacup and saucer set. I’d use this for when my parents came to stay or to store all my cocktail rings in:









Cath Kidston:

One of the first things R and I bonded over was Cath Kidston. Actually, it was probably the second- right behind Emiliana Torrini. We both have a love of design and Britishness so I know whatever I buy from Cath Kidston will be like eye candy to R.

First up, a Cath Kidston Roberts radio. I won’t be taking a TV with me as I’m more of a lover of books, magazines and the radio. I’m hoping to purchase this and tune into BBC World Service on an evening:













With my love of cooking, I’ll be needing lots of storage for pasta, lentils and brown rice (sounds like rationing but I heart super foods). These Cath Kidston mix-match tins can be used in the kitchen or to store lace, buttons and fabric pens for rainy days spent indoors customising totes and tees:













The first thing I’m going to do when I move out of student halls is buy a sausage dog. I fear this may jeopardise the idea of Chez H and R but he’ll have to live with it! I’m going to call it Suri. Until then, I’ll have to make do with Suri thedraught excluder– hurrah:













Other bits and bobs:

Here are some other fabulous interior buys from the World Wide Web.

Head to to pick up this visitors book. I like the idea of a visitors book for Flat 1, it’ll mark a special year and this Ella Doran book is covered in flowers:









My new student accommodation won’t have a washing machine so I’ll be trailing my socks and stockings to the uni laundrette. Rather than opt for some Eastenders style tattered tartan bag, I’ll be taking this along to the laundry room. Found on Net-a-Porter this morning, this Anya Hindmarch laundry toteis a university must for any fashion conscious student:












Finally, the poster of my dreams. R and I are both enchanted by Lily Cole and he never stops saying thank you to me for introducing him to the woman of his dreams (not personally introducing him, although I have met her once, but introducing him to the beauty of her via magazines and catwalk shows). This Tim Walker poster, available from the Design Museum, will take pride of place and the blue tones will compliment my pretty bedding:
















I’d love to hear how any of you lots have managed to personalise your student halls!


5 Responses to “Do the can-can, Nottingham!”

  1. Wonderlander August 14, 2009 at 7:44 pm #

    Hey Hey!

    Bless your cottons for the mention!
    I have that Tim Walker poster! Had on my wall in Halls! Tim Walker is my Hero- FACT.

    I hope I get invited round for cupcakes and a Fashion natter asap!

    Wonder- love xxx

  2. missybadger August 16, 2009 at 7:28 pm #

    M&S are having a home event bank holiday weekend, you might be able to get discount on the bedding!

  3. Hayley August 18, 2009 at 12:00 am #

    Very nice!
    I have most of my stuff already – my bedding is actually quite similar to the M&S one but I got it from Tescos.
    And I sense a bake-off coming as I am convinced I make the best brownies!
    And stop worrying about the stick thin girls!!!

    I am so so excited! Fashion Communication and Promotion is obviously the best course at NTU!

    Hayley xx

  4. Lucy August 20, 2009 at 9:31 am #

    I pretty much spent a fortune in Laura Ashley when I was re-decorating my room. The teacups sadly, i had to leave behind! x

  5. Emily August 21, 2009 at 4:15 am #

    I love that bedspread and radio! In about two weeks I’ll be moving into my first apartment at school and I decided to make my bedroom pretty and girly. I found my bedspread on ebay, its ice blue and has pom pom fringe around the bottom, I’m so excited! Good luck!

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