Steal her style: Helen

28 Jul


Welcome to Helen, the pretty UK student who pulls off her own unique style with comfort, edge and lots and lots of colour. Of course, a lot of you will know Helen through the wonderful Afeitar blog where Helen documents her love of baking (all her stuff looks so yummy!), her beautiful fashion sense and her comings, goings and observations.

Just like I did with Nabila, I interviewed Helen about her style and inspirations.

Q: What is your name, how old are you and where do you live?
A:I’m Helen, I’ve just turned 21 and I live in the north-west of England, near Liverpool!


Q: What do you do for a living? Do you study or work?
A: I’ve just finished an English degree and am debating my next moves at the moment. I’m considering returning to Uni to study Library and Information Management to be an academic librarian. I work part time in a cafe in a local theatre though to earn a bit of pocket money, most of which is spent on clothes and shoes and baking equipment!


h4Q: What are your favourite fashion magazines and why?
A: I like any and all! I like Elle and Vogue for inspiration and their catwalk coverage, but I also like magazines like Look and Grazia because they’re more within my budget. I don’t really buy many magazines, I see them as a treat whilst being a student. However, I do have a subscription to Olive magazine, because I am a bit of a foodie!


Q: Where do you get the inspiration for your style?
A: Everywhere. I know that’s a corny answer, but it’s true! Of course being a blogger means that other bloggers influence my style. I love vintage style, as seen on bloggers such as Liebemarlene Vintage, Sally Jane, Elinkan and Only Shallow. I also love The Clothes Horse & Ambigious Alliterative Abomination. I love 50s style, housewives and librarians also inspire me. Oh and the French of course!




h2Q: Which famous people inspire you most and why?
A: Hmm this is a hard one. I love Audrey Tautou. She always comes across so lovely in interviews and I remember her saying how she doesn’t wear much make up and a little bit of red lipstick is all she needs to feel made up. I was like ‘That’s so ME!’. Not quite fashion related, by James Martin, the celebrity chef also inspires me a bit. I love seeing success stories. I remember reading that he originally failed his Food Technology GCSE and his teacher said he could never be a chef. I, myself, only got a D in food technology but I like to think I’m a pretty good cook now. It just goes to show that if you’re passionate about something, you really can succeed.


Q: What trends/catwalk shows do you really love this season?
A: I absolutely loved Erdem’s show! The structure of the dresses were amazing and so flattering. I really need this LBD too  or at least something very similar and within budget! I loved the bold prints too, and the lace and ruffles. I like classic ladylike style but with a twist. I wasn’t too keen on Luella’s Fall stuff, but now that Autumn is approaching, I am liking it more. I am H1tempted to invest in lots of black and grey and muted tones for the Autumn/Winter. For the summer though, I am enjoying floral dresses and and full skirted dresses and skirts.

I’m sure all of you who didn’t know of Helen’s blog will be rushing over now to take a peek. Trust me, you’ll want to be part of her pretty world.

What do you think of Helen’s style? I’d love to read your comments.
























































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