Bump: Jourdan Dunn announces pregnancy.

27 Jul

Nineteenyear old super model and all round designer’s dream Jourdan Dunn announced her pregnancy on Friday exclusively via Vogue.com. In a sign of the times, I first saw a Tweet by Grazia’s Hattie Brettand was rather shocked but delighted by the news, if not a little concerned at how Jourdan Dunn would manage being such a young mum with the pressures of the catwalk. But I’m reminded ,with a nod to Kate Moss et al, that it has been done before and the two can work in sync.

Thinking about super models and pregnancy got me thinking of my favourite model, Natalia Vodianova. Natalia really is one of the most beautiful women in the world and her recent Vogue cover adorns my bedroom wall and I look at her stunning body which has carried three beautiful children. As seen in this picture below, Natalia looks even more beautiful and radiant whilst pregnant than she does in any magazine or on any catwalk:
















Another one of my idols has to be the effortlessly gorgeous Isla Fisher. As a girl obsessed with flame haired beauties, Isla has always stood out for me for having that very girl-next-door look but looking like a Hollywood superstar.  Whilst pregnant with baby Olive, Isla appeared on the red carpet in a pretty salmon dress which complimented her amazingly. Again, like Natalia, she looked positively perfect during her pregnancy in 2007:













However, rather sadly, one of my all time loves in life doesn’t look so great with a baby bump. When Katie Holmes was pregnant with cute baby Suri, she constantly looked tired, drained and her sense of style went out of the window. I’m sure any mum-to-be probably thinks my description of Katie is what pregnancy is really like but with millions in the bank and minders all around her, you’d think someone would have helped the usually gorgeous Katie pull off her pregnancy style with glamour and ease:
















However, to make up for the ill-fitting top and unflattering jeans, Katie managed to give birth to the most stylish little girl in the world:













My Suri obsession knows no bounds and she’s my favourite celebrity of all time. I’m serious.

I cannot wait to see the pictures of Jourdan Dunn during her pregnancy. I’m sure designers will be tripping over themselves to wrap her in their specially made maternity wear. And with a face like Jourdan’s, how could you look anything but divine?


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    Nice post!

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